Air Conditioning Repair Corsicana, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Corsicana, TX

For North Texas homeowners, air conditioning = livelihood. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but for those of you who have experienced an AC issue in the middle of summer, you get the point. A lot can go wrong with an AC unit. Some issues are minor and easily fixable, while some are major and flirt with the possibility of system replacement. Either way, air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX is extremely important.

What to expect from a repair technician

Because the issue is rarely pinpointed by the homeowner, a technician’s first responsibility is determining the exact cause. He/she will examine the:

  • Air filtration. Dirty filters can prevent efficient air flow from the ducts to the living area.
  • The settings could be off base, or the unit may not be calibrated.
  • Air ducts. A build up of dirt can clog and even contaminate the air.
  • Condenser coils. These are prone to freezing and leaking.
  • Blower belt and blower motor. Being intricate parts to an operating AC unit, damage to either can prevent it from working.
  • Refrigerant level. Too much or too little will affect the rate of cooling.
  • Breaker switch. Sometimes it’s an electrical issue that disables the system.

Once the root of the problem is known, the technician will inform the home or building owner of the plan to fix it. Air conditioning issues are expansive; however, they can all typically be resolved through tweaks or part replacements.

Technicians will carry some parts on their person or in their truck. Though, in most cases, a part will have to be ordered before it can be installed. Given the resources of an air conditioning businesses, it should not take long for the parts to come in.

With the replacement part in hand, the technician will place it where necessary and make sure it is secured. He/she will then test the unit to ensure it is back to functioning normally. That’s the smooth work of air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX.

Simple fixes

air conditioning repair Corsicana, TXThere are a few AC fixes that can be handled by the owner. These pertain to problems that are visible and safe to work on.


For instance, many thermostat shortcomings can be resolved by simply reading the unit manual. Often the problems lie within the settings. Maybe the unit is set to “heat” rather than “cool”. That seems like a brainless thing, but the settings can be thrown off by something as simple as someone accidentally bumping into the thermostat.

Also, mercury thermostats can experience problems if they are not completely level. If slanted, the bimetal coils may not be able to properly contract and expand, resulting in a mercury switch that triggers at the wrong times.

New models won’t experience such an issue. Even if your home is still cooled by a mercury model, all it takes is a basic level to determine whether your thermostat is balanced.

Outside unit

Texas weather presents extreme periods of heat, cold, aggressive storms and aggressive winds. Those extremes can put your outdoor AC unit through the ringer. Twigs can get caught in between the fins, evaporator coils can freeze, leaks can occur, and the body armor can dent.

Leaks certainly need the attention of a professional; however, a homeowner can remove any obstructions to the fins and allow the coils to unfreeze. Just be sure the system is turned off before you open it up and place your hands anywhere near the parts. If you are not comfortable handling any aspect of the unit, rely on air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX.

Air filter

Air filters should be replaced every 2-3 months. It’s generally okay to wait a little longer, but you want to replace one in a timely enough manner to avoid problems with your air flow. Especially if you have pets, you should weigh on the nearer end of the spectrum to replace or clean the filter.

To determine whether a replacement is necessary, remove the filter and hold it up against outside light. If light is coming through, it’s in fine shape; if light is not coming through, it needs to be replaced.

Repair vs. Replace

Unfortunately, repair is not always an option. Even if it is possible, it’s often in a customer’s best financial interests to proceed with a brand-new air conditioning system. The idea of a new system may seem intimidating, but you should see how revolutionized many of the new systems are.

If your current AC unit is constantly being worked on, you’re probably spending more money on repairs than you would be a lump sum payment for a new unit. Surely, you’d rather have a new, worry-free system installed rather than having a technician stop by every few months to work on your current one. Our technicians are friendly, but still… an old system doesn’t beat a new system.

Once your air conditioner reaches its 10th birthday, you may want to consider purchasing a new one. At least have a pro come to your home and do a diagnosis. He/she will recommend what’s best for the sake of your living environment and energy expenses.

Tune-Up/Maintenance checks

If you do not want to deal with the repair/replace decision, keep your system in shape. There a many ways you can protect your air conditioning unit. Here are seven of them:

  • Only run your unit when it is necessary. There are a few months within the year in which you and your family should be comfortable without its help.
  • Keep the temperature as close to 72 degrees as you can. That temperature is known to be the happy medium between comfort and energy efficiency. It keeps the air conditioner from overworking.
  • Replace your air filter every few months (we already covered that one).
  • Schedule routine maintenance checkups. Nothing will be more effective than getting a report from the experts.
  • Make sure your outdoor unit stands on a flat surface. This will keep all internal parts balanced.
  • Have your air ducts cleaned out once a year. Area Wide Services offers duct and dryer vent cleaning.
  • Check on occasion for broken circuits.

air conditioning repair Corsicana, TXTo do your air conditioning system justice, you’ll need the assistance of professional air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX. In the case of a maintenance check, or tune-up, your technician will be prolonging the life of your AC unit. Years will be added to it, as opposed to taken off if the unit were to be neglected.

It doesn’t take much to maintain your air conditioner. The problem for most people is remembering to schedule a maintenance check with their local air conditioning company.

The good news is you can place that responsibility on the company. Moreover, you can request Area Wide Services to remind you when you’re due for a tune-up. You can even set up a contract for specific services at specific times of the year.

Emergency attention

What’s an air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX company if they can’t be there to help you in times of need. Again, with the extreme heat brought in throughout the Texas summers, you can ill afford to spend days, even hours, with a failed AC system.

That’s why Area Wide offers emergency services. If your AC breaks down at 12 PM or 2 AM, you can give us a call and we will send a technician to your location. We make sure we’re staffed to deal with the demands of the summer. AC issues are a lot more common then because systems are used more frequently; thus, often overworked.

That’s why we stress getting a tune-up in the spring—so your AC is ready for the hot temperatures when summer strikes.

Just know that there is always an AC company available for air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX. There’s no reason for you and your family to suffer through a sweaty night’s sleep when Area Wide Services is just a phone call away.

Area Wide Services

A fully-functioning air conditioning unit is one of those things that you don’t appreciate until it’s gone. Just because it’s running does not mean nothing is wrong with it. Dirty air ducts and dirty air filters may be affecting the air being produced in your home. This can cause allergies, and even sickness.

In addition, something could be wrong internally. Perhaps the fan belt is losing form, or the compressor is in bad shape. You may not notice your system’s faults until the system blows. By then, you’re spending money on repair efforts or an entirely new unit.

Area Wide will give your air conditioning system the attention it needs. For tune-ups, repairs, replacement, etc., make the call for expert air conditioning repair Corsicana, TX.

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