Residential Air Conditioner Replacement of Corsicana, TX

AC Replacement in Corsicana, TX


Is your AC unit wheezing through another hot Texas summer? Do you cringe when you get your electricity bill after running the AC nonstop for months? Has your unit simply stopped working, leaving you sweltering indoors? 

These are all signs that it’s time to say farewell to your old, inefficient unit.

At Area Wide Services, we’re the Corsicana AC replacement experts you can rely on. For 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses stay cool during brutal Texas summers by installing top-quality, energy-efficient AC systems. 

We realize AC replacement is a major investment, which is why we offer fair, affordable pricing with our top-tier services.


Is it Time for a New AC Unit?

How do you know for sure if your AC is due for replacement? There are three key signs we watch out for when we make our service calls.


Frequent Repairs

If you have our repair technicians on speed dial because your current system always seems to be having issues, it may be time to let that unit go. Constant repairs lead to higher lifetime costs than if you invest in a new, warrantied unit; and at Area Wide Services, we’re here to help you save where we can.


High Energy Bills

An older AC has to work harder to produce cool air, wasting energy and leading to sky-high electric bills. A new energy-efficient system can cut your monthly energy expenses by 20 – 40 percent!



Most AC units last only 10-15 years. Beyond that they operate inefficiently and are prone to breakdowns. If your unit is over 15 years old, replacement is likely the wise choice no matter how well it works today. Don’t wait for disaster to strike mid-summer!


Reliable Repairs and Replacements in Corsicana, TX

We understand choosing the right AC company for AC replacement is critical. With Area Wide Services, we ensure you receive the best experience possible.

Our NATE-certified techs have years of experience installing and servicing AC systems. You’ll benefit from their expertise in every job.

We always recommend top, reliable air conditioner brands with strong manufacturer warranties that keep your unit protected and functional.

Our efficiency specialists size your new AC unit precisely for your property’s needs to achieve energy efficiency. This prevents higher operating costs from an oversized or undersized unit.


AC Replacement Benefits: Cool Comfort + Utility Savings  

Putting in a new air conditioner is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some of the key benefits our customers enjoy from AC replacement.

Stay Cool! 

Your new, properly sized AC will have no trouble keeping temps comfortable on the hottest Corsicana summer day.  

Lower Energy Bills

Save up to 40% per month from greater efficiency, lowering runtimes. Those savings add up long-term!

Healthier Air

New ACs dehumidify better protection against mold/dust mites and come with advanced air filters as well.


Claim Your Cool Comfort with Area Wide Services!

Now is the perfect time to replace your outdated, inefficient AC unit. Area Wide Services offers second-to-none expertise, guiding you to the ideal central air system for your Corsicana home or business’s needs. 

Call Area Wide Services today at (903) 467-5620 or request a quote to schedule a free in-home AC replacement estimate. 

Our team is ready to help you beat the Texas heat!

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