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A geothermal system operates similarly to a typical heat pump. However, its most notable and obvious difference is that it makes good use of the natural heat trapped underneath the surface of the earth. All of our geothermal systems are Energy Star rated.

An air-sourced heat pump uses up heat in your home’s immediate atmosphere to warm it up. A geothermal heat pump, on the other hand, makes use of heat from underneath the earth. What makes geothermal systems better, more practical and more convenient than other systems is the fact that the temperature below the ground is more stable and consistent than that of above ground air.
In a nutshell, a geothermal system can be more reliable. This is especially true in regions with severe winter weather. However, come summer time, a geothermal heating and cooling system will work the same as a typical air conditioning system.

Our Guarantee

Area Wide Services, Inc. guarantees a professional installment for each and every one of our offered products. With expertly trained technicians at your service, your geothermal air conditioning system will be installed efficiently, timely and without delay.
For your convenience and satisfaction, we also guarantee that the servicemen at Area Wide Services, Inc. operate in a neat, clutter-free manner all throughout the installment process.

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