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Dryers have been one of the many culprits of fires throughout the country. It is when homeowners neglect to clean their duct, vent, and hose that blockages occur and cause a unit to overheat. This can lead to fire ignition. Every year, thousands of Americans are injured or die as a result of dryer fires. Serious harm can be avoided by simply cleaning and maintaining the dryer. Always keep your duct and dryer vent clean to avoid catastrophe from happening in your office or home.

Area Wide Services, Inc. offers professional cleaning to duct and dryer vents. Our highly trained technicians have the eyes to notice any faulty connections and damages to units. They know how to properly and meticulously clean your dryer vent and hose tubes through the use of advanced tools and cleaning agents.

Cleaning hoses, especially if they are longer than 10 inches, can be slightly more complicated. Moreover, if the tubes thread all the way to the attic, things can get really messy. Dryer hose tubes that go up to the attic and to the roof cause condensation to the dryer exhaust tube. This leads to the tube being blocked by water (worse, dirty water), causing the dryer to work harder to dry clothes. When the tubes can no longer hold the water, they will break and split, and the water will burst onto your ceiling.

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