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American Standard Ductless UnitStyle and comfort are among the factors that we consider in a home. Personality, lifestyle, interests—all things that are seamlessly depicted in a home. We want to be proud of what we’ve created and what we’ve made of our creation. We want to focus on the cool aspects of our home, not on maintaining the boring stuff like air conditioning and airducts. Leave the boring stuff to the heating and cooling experts.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, nothing beats a ductless heat pump. Ductless heat pumps are stylish, space-saving, and reliable. They are perfect for optimizing the environment of a home.
Few heat pumps have a split-type wherein the blower and head are separated from the compressors. The head is located indoors where heat or a cold breeze is delivered from the compressors which are located outdoors. Split types are presentable and are space-saving as only the head takes up space inside the house.

They are often mounted on walls and are operated via remote control. Because they are placed high up on walls they require less space than conventional heaters. Head units may also be placed in different parts of the house enabling you to warm up or cool each room independently. Ductless heat pumps provide improved comfort and are more convenient than conventional heaters or air conditioning units

Heat pumps are also eco-friendly. They provide less of a carbon footprint and are less noisy than a typical heater. Heat pumps are economical because they use less electricity. They save money and space while meeting your heating and cooling needs.
Ductless heat pumps are a practical solution for your air conditioning needs. They offer more value for less. You cannot go wrong with ductless heat pumps.
If you are interested in learning more about conventional or ductless heat pumps, please do not hesitate to contact us at Area Wide Services, Inc.

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