Heat Pumps


 American Standard Platinum SeriesMost homes have the conventional air conditioning unit and furnace. However, there is a device which can function as both an air conditioner and a heater at the same time. You may not have been aware of it, but this dual-purpose technology has long been available and is cheaper and eco-friendlier than the two-unit system.

A heat pump is a machine that draws heat from its surroundings and channels the heat to where it is needed. The use of a heat pump is a simple, yet effective method for heating or cooling a certain space. This principle of heating and cooling is also used in most refrigeration systems. The effectiveness heat pumps had on refrigeration led to them being tested and guaranteed to heat or cool your house.

Aside from being efficient and effective, this device can also save you a lot of money and space. It is a single machine that can accomplish the task of two machines. You are essentially get a 2-for-1 deal and saving space as an additional benefit.

During the winter season, heat pumps will keep your home warm by acting as a controlled furnace. Conversely, during the summer season, heat pumps will act as an air conditioner.

The heat pump can serve as both a heating and cooling machine. It is compact, requires minimal maintenance, and uses less electricity. It also reduces your carbon footprint. If you are looking for an effective heating and cooling system for your home, then you might want to consult our experts.

Area Wide Services, Inc. can help you decide on the best heating and cooling system suitable for your home. We can install and maintain your equipment at a price that will not hurt your wallet.

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