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American Standard Air HandlerAn air handler is your best friend when extreme weather conditions kick-in. It cools down your home during the summer and heats up you home in the winter. An air handler is an indoor component that works in part as an air-conditionerheater, and ventilator. This indoor device allows the cooled or heated air to circulate all throughout your home. With the help of an air handler, your air conditioning and heating systems can work more efficiently and effectively.

How does it work
The air handler is a huge metal box that consists of a blower, filter, sound silencer, dampers, and coils. It is called an air handler because it handles the air from your HVAC system. It serves as the distributor of air during the summer or winter seasons. An air handler is designed to work with your air conditioning and heating systems. With the use of an air handler, you can keep your home comfortable at all times.

The air handler’s coils are what keeps the air from your HVAC system cool or warm. The blower will then send air through the ventilation system which is attached to it. The air handler also filters the air to keep it clean and safe.

Air handlers are not only useful for homes, but also for buildings and/or factories.

Choose your air handler
Air handlers are available in different types. You can choose from the air handlers offered by Area Wide Services, Inc.:

  • Gold XM Air Handler
  • Platinum XV Air Handler
  • Platinum ZV Air Handler
  • Silver XI Air Handler

Area Wide Services, Inc. doesn’t only sell quality and reliable air handlers, but we can also repair them.

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