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What’s more annoying than an uncomfortable home? Home is supposed to be a place of control and relaxation. It’s where you settle in after a long day’s work or spend a weekend catching up on sleep. It’s not reasonable to suffer from inadequate heating or cooling while in your place of peace and comfort. Thus, when you are forced to deal with a heating or cooling problem, you need to rely on residential AC and heating repair services. Only then will your home regain its true purpose.

AC and Heating Malfunctions do happen

residential ACHomeowners often take their heating and cooling systems for granted. Once the systems are installed and ready to perform, a homeowner gives a nod of satisfaction and returns to their everyday life. The thing is, like all products, a temperature control system will at some point in time lose its steam and start to wear.

Problems with the AC evaporator may occur, or the condenser, or the blower or refrigerant. A furnace may run into issues with the heat exchanger or gas burner. Heck, even indirect problems could arise, like a tilted thermostat, a dirty air duct, or a clogged air filter.

Point being, a lot can go wrong in the effort to properly cool and heat a home, especially considering the random weather that we experience in Corsicana, TX. When something does go wrong, it is important to have a residential AC and heating repair services company to trust.

Give Area Wide Services Inc. a call!

Area Wide has been repairing residential AC and heating units for years and years. Our experts know how to match problems with solutions and they know how to execute solutions in a timely, effective manner. In addition, we are available anytime you need us, whether it be 2 AM on a weekday, a weekend or a holiday. We understand how annoying and inconvenient heating and cooling issues can be. That’s why we pride ourselves in consistent service.

Preventative Maintenance

Area Wide also offers preventative maintenance advice and services. Preventative maintenance of course refers to preventing possible AC and heating issues by prepping and cleaning all components. You could call it preventative maintenance, or you could call it a tune-up. Either way, the end result is optimally-performing temperature control.

There is a difference, however. Preventative maintenance is something that can be accomplished on your own. For instance, replacing air filters, checking electrical systems for faulty wiring, keeping AC coils clean, monitoring temperatures for energy saving purposes, etc.

Tune-ups, on the other hand, are generally professionally done. Residential AC experts will do the dirty work. They’ll clean air ducts, inspect and tweak internal systems, and run home and duct performance testing.

Taking the time to perform preventative maintenance once or twice a year could save you from paying for residential AC repairs down the road. Or, scheduling a yearly tune-up with your trusted residential AC company will do the same.

Ultimately, Area Wide Services, Inc. looks out for our customers by offering and providing services to guarantee healthy air and a comfortable home. Give us a call for your heating and cooling needs. Also, please visit our website——and our blog for additional helpful HVAC input.


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