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Corsicana, TX homeowners aren’t quite out of the hot air just yet. September can bring about bothersome temperatures and believe it or not, so can October! If you are dealing with an insufficient air conditioning unit, finish summer strong by relying on reliable AC repair.

Possible Indications of a Malfunctioning AC Unit

AC unit is blowing warm air

AC repairIn this instance, there is likely an issue with the compressor. You see, the compressor is what controls the refrigerant flow. If the compressor freezes or malfunctions, the refrigerant (what does the cooling) flow will seize. Once the refrigerant flow seizes, the “cool” aspect of your home will also seize. Issues with the compressor are quite advanced; however, your AC unit could be blowing warm air as a result of very basic issues. Examples: the thermostat may be set to “on” rather than “auto”. If set to “on”, the fan will constantly blow, even without refrigerant flow. Also, the thermostat could be set to “heat”. Perhaps someone bumped into it and accidentally changed the setting, or maybe you tried to tweak the thermostat in the dark.

Unusual dust build-up in your home

Dust build-up can result from a number of AC quirks. Most commonly, it will occur because of an air filtration issue. Your system’s air filter has one purpose: to catch dust, dirt, and other debris as air moves from the air ducts and into your living space. If the air filter is old (its been in place for more than a year) or ruptured then it won’t be able to carry out its sole purpose. A replacement would be necessary. In addition, your home air ducts could be overly dirty. AC repair might not be needed; rather, an air duct cleaning. Professional HVAC companies typically offer air duct cleaning services. A pro should have the needed tools to remove decade-old grime within those hidden pathways and promote clean and easy airflow.

Cooling output is not matching thermostat

The actual AC unit is not always the problem. Sometimes, it’s the thermostat that is malfunctioning or performing sub-optimally. Something as simple as the thermostat being off-center or tilted can cause a shakeup of the mercury that exists within. Thermostat issues are simple fixes for heating and cooling experts. They will be able to identify the issue rather quickly and perform the necessary fix. Some thermostat issues can be resolved by the Corsicana, TX homeowner; however, it never hurts to have an expert opinion on what is creating a certain problem.

AC unit is noticeably loud

This could stem from a number of air conditioning problems. There could be an issue with the compressor, fan, evaporator, blower, etc. Furthermore, something could be restricting the unit. Perhaps a twig has gotten stuck in the fins or a bunch of leaves. Another possibility is the system could plain and simply be wearing down. If you’ve had your AC system in place for over 10 years then it could be time for a new one, especially if it has not undergone routine maintenance over that period.

Area Wide Services Inc.

The potential AC malfunctions mentioned above can be and should be resolved by AC repair professionals. The pros at Area Wide Services have seen and handled just about every heating and cooling problem you could imagine. Our technicians will be able to determine the cause of any problems right away and they’ll have the state-of-the-art technology at their disposal to get your system back to performing at its best. Contact Area Wide for your AC repair needs. Also, with winter nearing, it would be a good time to schedule a tune-up sometime at the turn of the year. You want to ensure your system is prepped for next summer. Please visit our website—www.areawideservices.com—to learn more about our offerings, and our blog to learn more about general HVAC care.  

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