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There are a number of tasks to HVAC maintenance; however, none are overly challenging. Ultimately, maintenance consists of cleaning and inspecting. Certain aspects of HVAC maintenance can be meticulous and precise; therefore, it’s a good idea to rely on a professional to ensure your system is in good condition and ready to take on the summer heat or winter cold. Here are the specifics to successful HVAC maintenance:

Monitor the thermostat

Outdoor AC UnitsObviously, the primary purpose of a thermostat is to keep a home comfortable. Though, strategic temperature setting can actually save energy costs and relieve stress on the AC unit. Most thermostats in use are programmable. Thus, you can program your thermostat to heat or cool your home to desired temperatures while you are there but set it to a more economical temperature while you are away. Experts have determined a 78° temperature to best match comfort and energy-efficiency. Plus, that temperature is a good medium to prevent the system from having to work too hard.

Check electrical connections/wiring

Any faulty connections or wiring will cause problems to your HVAC system, whether soon or eventually. It is important to check these a couple of times a year for frays or any sort of visual damage. If damage is found, DO NOT try to fix it on your own as that can be dangerous. Rather, contact an HVAC professional in Corsicana, TX to inspect and repair the damages. If you do not act right away, your system could call for a full-on replacement, which will be much costlier than a repair.

Replace air filters

Perhaps the simplest of HVAC maintenance suggestions is replacing air filters once every 2-3 months. Air filters collect dust, debris and germs to maintain both airflow and air cleanliness. If a single filter is left in place for too long, dust can build up and end up preventing airflow and air cleanliness. As a result, the overall system is overworked. Replace air filters every 2-3 months, or more frequently if you have pets that shed heavily.

Clean the AC coils

Cleaning AC coils is another easy maintenance tactic. You just want to ensure there is no build up of dust or dirt, particularly in the outside unit. Also, check for leaves or twigs possibly obstructing the coils. Similar to air filters, obstructed coils can stunt airflow. You also want make sure your outdoor AC unit is balanced and that it has at least two feet of open space all around it.

Inspect the gas tank

You’ll want to inspect the gas furnace for holes or any oddities. A damaged gas furnace is unlikely; however, the affects of a damaged furnace can be dire—fires, explosions, etc.

Again, these HVAC maintenance tips suggest cleaning and safe inspection. For more involvement in HVAC maintenance, contact an expert at Area Wide Service Inc. Our experts conduct a more in-depth inspection, including circuit checks, parts checks and overall system checks. Trust the eyes and knowledge of a pro. Contact Area Wide Services today at (903) 467-5620 to prep your AC system for the hot Corsicana, TX summer. Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful HVAC info.

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