The dog days of summer are upon us, and with it comes the brutal heat and humidity we know all too well in Corsicana. When the temperature starts pushing 100°F with high humidity, it can feel downright oppressive. And if your AC unit happens to break down during one of these summer heat waves, it can make for an extremely uncomfortable situation while you await repair.

Parts and labor can take days to secure, leaving you sweltering indoors. But you can’t just “tough it out” waiting for your air conditioning repair. Excessive indoor heat exposure can cause heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. It’s critical for your health and safety that you take steps to stay cool while waiting for your AC system to be fixed. 

Join us as we explore some of the best ways to stay cool as you wait for AC repair or replacement. 

Run Ceiling Fans To Circulate Air

While ceiling fans don’t actually lower the temperature, just running your home’s ceiling fans can make a big difference in how hot your home gets with the AC out of commission. As you wait for repairs,make sure to run any ceiling fans in your home 24/7 on high speed, allowing for maximum air circulation.

Open Windows at Night

During spring and fall, opening windows at night allows you to take advantage of the naturally cooler evening temperatures. But this strategy can backfire in the peak of summer when the overnight lows don’t dip far enough. 

However, if overnight temperatures fall below 75°F, even briefly, open windows and use box fans pointing inward to draw in the cooler air. Close windows, blinds, and curtains early morning before temperatures rise to keep the cool air trapped inside as long as possible.

Remember, you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable to pests like flies that are attracted to heat. So, before you crack the windows, make sure you have screens in place to keep the creepy crawlies out.

Use Portable or Window AC Units

If you have access to portable air conditioning units or window AC units, get them set up and running right away. These air conditioners aren’t designed to cool an entire home like central air, but they can at least keep one or two rooms comfortable. Make that room your primary living area while you ride out the AC repair period.

Invest in Plug-in Fans or Misting Units

For a budget-friendly option, pick up some box fans, tower fans, or misting fans. While they can’t replace central air, aimed directly at you they can provide much-needed relief from the indoor heat and humidity. Keep them running around the clock in common areas you occupy.

Stay with Family or at a Hotel

It can get hot, fast without AC, and there’s no shame in throwing in towel. If your home becomes dangerously hot waiting for AC repairs or replacement, don’t be a hero. Call family or friends who live nearby and have properly working AC and stay over with them for a night or two. Or book a hotel room until repairs can be completed. It’s a hassle, but worth it to avoid the health risks of excessive heat.

The Importance of Staying Cool

While unpleasant, feeling hot is more than just an inconvenience. Exposure to high heat and humidity puts stress on the body and can quickly become dangerous. Risks of remaining in an overheated home for too long include heat cramps, heat exhaustion (dizziness, headaches, nausea), and heat stroke (life-threatening).

If you have younger children, elderly family members, or people with chronic illness in your home, we say jump right to this option. These demographics especially vulnerable to heat-related complications. Don’t risk your health waiting for an air conditioning repair thinking you can just “tough it out.”

Area Wide Services Offers Emergency AC Repair in Corsicana, 24/7

Of course, the best way to avoid an extended period without air conditioning in the summer is to get your unit repaired ASAP by a qualified HVAC professional. Here in Corsicana, TX, Area Wide Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency AC repairs

Our certified technicians are equipped to quickly diagnose and repair any air conditioning system, with access to parts and labor whenever you need us. We understand how critical it is to restore cooling, especially during the peak summer months when excessive heat can be dangerous.

Don’t suffer needlessly waiting for your AC repair. Contact us at the first sign of air conditioning trouble. We’ll have your system repaired in no time so you can enjoy the cool comfort of your home once again. 

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