Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning is immensely important throughout Corsicana, TX homes. Summer is nothing to take lightly; all it takes is your air conditioner busting on a July day and your home is suddenly unbearable to be in. So, what do you do if/when this happens? Your only option is to call for emergency air conditioning repair.

emergency air conditioning repairGive Area Wide Services a call at (903) 467-5620. We offer emergency assistance 24/7. Even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, give us a call and we will have an AC expert at your front door ASAP. Unfortunately, summer temperatures in Texas can be in the 90s even in the early hours of the morning. There’s no reason to suffer through a night’s sleep and carry that suffering over to the morning. You might have to go to work in the morning and suddenly you haven’t made a call to an HVAC company until the next evening.

We aim to repair AC units as seamlessly as possible. We hate to keep customers waiting and we certainly don’t want to give customers even one thing to roll their eyes at. Therefore, if you ever run into air conditioning troubles, we’ll prove our words mean action upon your request for emergency air conditioning repair.

Area Wide Services’ emergency services include:

  • Access to our representatives around the clock
  • Timely arrival
  • Top notch customer service
  • Avant-garde tools to expedite repair
  • AC help, but also furnace, heat pump, duct and dryer, refrigeration and air filtration assistance

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time a heating or cooling issue arises! As much as we appreciate the business and look to help our customers in difficult situations, we hope you do not run into problems with the comfort of your home. There are ways to prevent HVAC issues…

Preventative Maintenance Techniques

You can view a complete breakdown of HVAC preventative maintenance by reading our blog post: “What is involved in HVAC maintenance”.

However, it is important to highlight one aspect of maintenance that cannot be highlighted enough. Keeping your HVAC systems clean can work wonders in protecting them and extending their lives. Even if it’s twice a year, cleaning the coils of your AC unit, cleaning or replacing air filters and cleaning air ducts increases efficiency and lifespan of your system.

Some cleaning is rather simple, but some is best left to professionals. Area Wide Services can complete an annual tune-up for your HVAC systems, as well as home and duct performance testing. These services include a detailed inspection and a thorough cleaning of all essential parts to keeping your Corsicana, TX home comfortable. Without a doubt, it is wise to invest in preventative maintenance in order to avoid costly emergency air conditioning repair.

Area Wide is here to help avoid AC problems and to help fix them. We have you covered on both ends. Call us to schedule a tune-up and definitely call us if you need emergency air conditioning repair. You and your family certainly deserve to be comfortable in your own home.

To learn more about Area Wide Services Inc., please visit our website—www.areawideservices.com—and our company blog.

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