It’s imperative for every home to have an air filter within their heating and cooling system. The absence of an air filter will result in dirty air and highly-allergenic home atmospheres. No one wants that. We want the air we breath to be healthy. We want our families to be healthy. Ultimately, if there is a way for you to keep your home’s air clean, then you need to take advantage and act on it. If you need further convincing, here are the specifics as to how air filters work:

Traditional Air Filters

Your traditional air filter, or air cleaner, is placed between the air duct and the furnace. Basically, it’s a cartridge that slides into the slot and is fixated from that point on. Air filters are made up of fiberglass or synthetic fibers. The spaces between fibers are essentially microscopic, making it as difficult as possible for dust or bacteria to seep through. An air filter works just as you would expect it to–as air is cycled through the HVAC system, it is disrupted by the filter, and the filter allows only the non-defective particles through.

Think of it as a backstage VIP section at a concert. Only the qualified VIP member will be able to proceed to the VIP area; the ones that do not have a VIP pass will be turned around or escorted out by security. In other words, the air filter only lets the particles through that are quality enough to pass to the good side.

Electronic Filters

Electronic filters are able to dispose of threatening particles in innovative ways. For this reason, electronic filters have gained popularity over the years. They are more expensive; however, electronic filters will last longer than a tradition air filter. Here are a few examples of electronic filters and how each operates:

Ion Generators

Ion generators are unique in the sense that they manage particles by either adding or subtracting an electron to each. Specifically, the Ion Generator is able to manipulate each particle to where the negatives attract to the positives, causing them to clump together, making it more difficult to pass through.

Ozone Generators

Similarly,Ozone Generators alter particles as well. However, Ozone Generators alter particles by transforming them from oxygen to ozone, instead of altering them via ions. The benefits of this type of air filter focus more so on deodorizing air, but it can act as an worthy disinfectant as well. The drawback to Ozone Generators is that ozone is somewhat unstable and can therefore react negatively with other chemicals in the air.

When it’s all said and done, the traditional air filter remains your best bet. High quality air filters can trap as much as 99.9% of particles. They will keep your air clean; therefore, they will keep you and your family healthy, at least in the sense of being exposed to air within your home.

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