Commercial AC Repair Near Me

Commercial AC Repair Near Me

The most important thing for any Corsicana, TX business is staying in business. This can be accomplished by executing marketing campaigns, training employees to expertise and maintaining production. It could also mean maintaining a comfortable business environment. Something as unforeseen as a busted air conditioning unit could hurt your business in a more painful way than you might think. In such instances, rely on commercial AC repair near me before it’s too late.


Signs of a failing air conditioning unit

Noisy Unit

commercial AC repair near meA noisy AC unit could result from something serious, like being overworked. Or, it could result from something simple, like a twig or tree branch getting jammed in the unit’s fins. If an object is stuck in the fins, just turn off the system, grab a pair of gloves, and remove the object. Hopefully that solves the noise issue.

If the AC unit is noisy for some unapparent reason, it may be time to rely on commercial AC repair near me. A cooling system could be overworked for a number of reasons. A part within the unit could have malfunctioned or be worn beyond manageable wear and tear. Indirect parts of the cooling system could be ineffective, such as the air ducts or air filter. Whatever the issue is, you’ll need a professional to take a look so the actual issue can be pinpointed and handled.

Unusually high energy bills

When working in a commercial building, you may not notice a noisy air conditioning unit. The building is probably quite large and most commercial AC units are located on the roof. However, what you likely will notice is an unusually high energy bill.

Different story, same issue. Your cooling unit is being overworked. You see, when air ducts aren’t cleaned and air filters aren’t replaced, all sorts of dirt and dust buildup in the air passageways, preventing cool (or hot) air from getting through to the common area. Even if the actual AC unit is working fine, the cool air may not be pumping through the ducts at the desired rate. This will trigger the unit to work harder because it is not getting the result that the thermostat is set to.

A unit’s extra effort will be portrayed in your high energy bill. It can also hurt the efficiency of the unit, potentially taking years off its life.

Noticeably cool or warm temperatures

Another indication of a troubled AC unit is noticeably cool or warm temperatures throughout your commercial building. Maybe you are just working really hard and your hard work is causing you to sweat. But, if you are always feeling uncomfortable, even when you are not working hard, there’s likely something wrong with the HVAC systems.

An uncomfortable environment could be devastating to your Corsicana, TX business. First off, employees’ productivity levels could suffer. They could become more stressed as a result of discomfort. And what if you run a business that assists customers in person, such as a retail store? The last thing you want is for customers to run off because they can’t stand being in the store.

Thus, call for commercial AC repair near me if temperatures aren’t cooperating. Protect your employees, protect your customers, protect your business. It seems like a basic issue, but it could be more problematic than you might think.

Repairs are becoming more frequent

Of course, your commercial AC unit is probably ready for a replacement if you are constantly paying for an AC technician to come out and execute repairs. If you find yourself thinking “what’s another repair” then you are spending unnecessary money trying to keep your current unit alive and well. You’ll save money in the long run if you give in and purchase a new unit. Moreover, a new model with many advancements compared to the one you bought 15-20 years ago.

By calling for commercial AC repair near me, the AC company should have all sorts of recommendations for new models. In many instances, the company will sell new models itself. With the sale, a representative from the company will install your new system in your commercial building.


What to look for in a commercial AC company

commercial AC repair near meWhether you opt for a repair or replacement, the key is finding a trustworthy company that can do it all. Why? Because you never know what kind of assistance you will need in the future. Find a company that offers:

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is simply taking the necessary precautions to ensure your HVAC systems are up to speed and performing efficiently. Many preventative maintenance tactics can be performed on your own. For example, you can control your home thermostats by keeping them at efficient temperatures and turning them off when you and your family are not home. You can also inspect your gas tank to make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it. Holes in a gas tank can lead to a fire or a blast.

Though, some preventative maintenance actions are best left for the professionals. Professionals will clean air ducts through and through. Area Wide Services has the tools to clean every square inch of an air duct, creating a path of clean air to the common area. Especially for a commercial building, you’ll need the help of the pros to clean the many extended air ducts throughout. The job on your own would take forever and wouldn’t be as effective.

In addition, commercial AC repair near me will clean each and every part in the AC unit. This includes coils, fans, blowers, evaporators and condensers. Everything that needs to be checked to guarantee cool, clean air will be checked. Technicians will even check electrical wiring and connections.

Emergency Services

It’s always important to have someone to call in case of emergency. So, find yourself a trusted AC repair company and save the company phone number in your phone. You never know when you might need it!

Emergency services translates to help around the clock. Whether your business experiences a heating/cooling problem at 2 AM on Saturday or 7 PM on a holiday, Area Wide Services will answer your phone call and send an expert to help.

This is especially important regarding commercial businesses. Again, a broken unit can directly affect your business, and only in a negative way. Customers may be turned away by the uncomfortable shopping experience. Plus, if the issue gets bad enough, you may have to shut down your store for a few hours and maybe even a full day. Imagine how much profit you could miss out on from missing just one day of operation.

You can avoid such a thing from happening if you catch the problem up front and call the AC company as soon as you notice a problem. Still, if you wait to long, we’ll still get someone to your business ASAP to resolve the issue ASAP.

Area Wide even offers refrigeration services. Thus, for food markets or any business that involves cooling or freezing goods, we can help if an issue arises with refrigerators or freezers.

Duct Performance Testing

We can also inspect your commercial air ducts to ensure they are not producing contaminated air. This is done through a duct performance test. Our tests focus on insulation, sealing and ductwork. Damages such as holes and faulty connections can be located. Anything that prevents the ductwork from performing as it should will be identified by our testing.

Though, it is up to you to call us for a duct performance test. Ducts tend to be overlooked by homeowners and business owners because they do not affect appearance and they are typically out of reach. Just because ducts sit quietly and out of the way does not mean they are free from damage. Dirty air ducts can produce unhealthy air and emit foul odors if improperly insulated and obstructed.

Not only will we detect any leakages, but we will fix the duct to ensure leaks do not occur again anytime soon. We want your workspace to be clean and healthy just as badly as you do.


Products for Sale

commercial AC repair near meArea Wide doesn’t just service HVAC related products, but we also sell them! From air conditioners to furnaces, you can find whatever you need to keep your home comfortable at all times of the year by getting in touch with us. And we don’t just sell necessities. You can advance your building’s energy efficiency by purchasing a number of our innovative products. You can also benefit from improved and increased temperature control options.

For air conditioners, we offer the:

  • Platinum ZV
  • Platinum XM
  • Gold XI
  • Silver SI

Give us a call to take a look at our selection and to learn about each HVAC product, or whichever ones you have your eyes on.

Commercial AC repair near me can work wonders; however, all AC units eventually meet their demise. You’ll have to weigh your budget and your options, but the good news is there is always an AC unit that will work for your business set up. Whether you get a top of the line unit or a lower tier one, both will perform the most important function: producing cool, clean air.


Area Wide Services Inc.

Hopefully, you see how essential it is to have an AC company in your back pocket. Commercial AC repair near me can help you at home and at your place of work. There are no limitations to creating a healthy, refreshing, comfortable home and work space. Texas weather is only friendly for about 1/3 of the year. Summer temperatures are unbearable and winters are sneaky cold. Lacking a functioning air conditioner and heater could spell doom when those unfriendly temperatures creep in.

If you run into any HVAC related issues at your business, give Area Wide Services a call! You can call us for tune-ups and preventative maintenance as well. Whatever you feel is necessary to keep your commercial business comfortable!

Please visit our website–www.areawideservices.com–to learn more about our products and services. Also, check out our blog for additional HVAC tips.


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