Commercial refrigeration service

Refrigeration is essential in the food & beverage industry. This includes restaurants, grocery marts, food pantries and all sorts of storage facilities. The loss of use of a refrigerator can ruin the quality of food and it can stunt business. Don’t let those things happen! If your business is dealing with an inoperable refrigerator, rely on an expert commercial refrigeration service.

Installation and Repair

commercial refrigeration serviceTo the untrained eye, it’s generally difficult to find the root of a refrigeration issue. It could be a result of a damaged compressor. Or perhaps the evaporator coils are flawed. The good news is the problem should be detected minutes after a technician inspects the refrigerator.

Area Wide Services, Inc. technicians are highly-knowledgeable and highly-trained in both the areas of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and refrigeration. Simply put, refrigerators and freezers operate similarly to air conditioners, only on a smaller scale. Their cooling mechanisms are practically the same. So, once the inspection is complete, the expert will be able to inform you whether a new product is needed or if the present one can be repaired.

Area Wide handles both installation and repair. Installation can be completed in short time. We’ll make sure the refrigerator is fully-functioning and that it will remain fully-functioning for a long time to come. As for repairs, we are always equipped with spare parts to resolve the problem. If new parts are necessary then we have access to those as well. Though, as long as they will do the trick, we like to use spare parts as they will lower your repair estimate.

Service around the clock

Again, a lot rides on refrigeration. If a refrigeration problem arises, it is considered an emergency in your respected industry. Emergencies of course need to be treated with emergency care and effort. Area Wide Services is available around the clock. We have operators available to take calls literally at all seconds of the day—24/7. We’ll even help you out on holidays.

Area Wide looks at the big picture. We understand loss of refrigeration often parallels with loss of business. Thus, immediate action is needed so your business can limit loss or prevent loss altogether. The phone number to dial is (903) 467-5620. That will get you to our customer service, where the specifics will be discussed and a technician will be assigned. You can expect each and everyone of our technicians to arrive promptly and happily.

We help with:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ice Machines
  • Walk-in Refrigerators
  • Walk-in Freezers

Give us a call if you ever run into refrigeration problems. We pride ourselves in commercial refrigeration service in Corsicana, TX. Don’t forget, we specialize in all thing HVAC as well! Visit our website—https://www.areawideservices.com—to view our services and HVAC-related products. We operate for both commercial and residential purposes. For additional refrigeration and HVAC tips and input, check out our company blog. Area Wide Services, Inc. looks forward to helping you!

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