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When your air conditioning unit stops cooling your house, it is a huge problem – especially if you live anywhere in Corsicana, Texas. An air conditioner is a complicated device that needs a perfect combination of airflow, temperature, and pressure to work correctly.

Most AC systems are complex, so there are various levels where your air conditioning can fail. Luckily for you, this means that repair for AC that’s not cooling is not that expensive.

Several factors can cause your AC system to stop cooling, given below are some of the most common reasons.

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Inadequate installation

If you have recently installed a new AC system that has stopped cooling, your air conditioner may have been installed incorrectly.

There is also a chance that the unit you got could be too small or too big for your home.

Unmaintained condenser

One of the most overlooked yet crucial aspects of AC maintenance is taking care of your outside condenser. It is vital for your condenser to get good airflow at all times.Since it’s outside, there are chances that grass and weeds grow around it.

It’s vital for you as an owner to regularly maintain the area around your AC’s condenser. Keep the growth of weed clear of the equipment for it to work at its best.Even if you don’t have grass around your condenser, you need to understand that the machinery is kept outside all day.It’s only natural for your condenser to get dirty over time. If you have trees around your condenser, there are chances that debris may fall from onto your equipment.This could very well be the cause of your AC unit, not cooling.

Inadequate or insufficient airflow

If there is not enough air coming out of your vents, it does not matter how cold your unit makes the air; you will never feel cooler. If your airflow is low, you should first get your air filters checked.

If your filters look dirty, replacing your air filters might help. If you still aren’t happy with the results, it may be time for you to call for a professional from Area Wide Services to check your AC fan or clean your duct for any potential problems.

In order to check if there is enough air blowing from your vent, hold a lighter that’s right on the airflow. To make sure that all vents, including the one farthest away from your unit, still has good airflow, you should do this process throughout your home.

Thermostat issue

Another common problem that’s difficult to spot is a thermostat problem. One telltale sign for some internal malfunctioning is your thermostat’s display going blank.

This may be as a result of batteries dying out, the circuit inside malfunctioning, and several other failures. These issues can happen anytime to a thermostat without drawing much attention. This is a possibility, especially if it’s an AC unit dealing with a home with multiple conditioning zones.

Changing the batteries may help you solve your problem. If it doesn’t, you will need a licensed HVAC professional to troubleshoot this issue for you properly.

There are chances that you may need to replace your electrical board or even install a brand new thermostat altogether. Since it’s electrical wiring is tied to the air conditioning unit, it’s best if you hire a licensed HVAC professional to install and repair your thermostat.

Low on refrigerant

One of the main reasons for your air conditioning not cooling is your unit’s low refrigerant level. Refrigerants are crucial for an AC to produce cold air.

You need to contact a professional company that will have all the necessary equipment to measure your refrigerant level inside your unit and a professional who knows the method to dispose of the refrigerant that has been used properly.

Electrical problem

There are chances where your breaker can get tripped but does not slip into the “off” position. If this is the cause for your AC to not cool, you need to look for Breakers labeled somewhere along the lines of your AC, HVAC, air conditioner, condenser, or your compressor unit.

Try flipping them off and then back on to see if it fixes your problem.

Frozen air handler

If none of the above solutions take care of your air conditioner’s cooling problem, you need to look behind your air filter inside the unit’s evaporator coils to see if they are frozen.

Though it may sound weird, if your air conditioner is frozen, it will cause the air to be warm or even hot. The ice inside your easy will block the air in your DFW home from coming in contact with the refrigerant of the evaporator coils.

This prevents the AC from dehumidifying the air in your home and prevents the air from being cooled.

Try defrosting your air conditioner for about 24 hours before you attempt to use it again by turning off your unit. In case they’re not frozen, just dirty, try cleaning them.

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