Even those of us in the South appreciate the work an HVAC unit does to keep us warm in the winters. Sure, the winter season is months away, but can you count on your HVAC unit to work when you need it? Is your heating system prepared for cold nights, so you do not have to shiver while waiting for a mechanic?

Homeowners tend to ignore their heating systems. Of course, they do not do so intentionally; it is easy to ignore things that are constant and not seen. The thing is, you cannot afford to ignore your heating system — you just never know when you may run into an issue with your HVAC unit. Certainly, you do not want to be scrambling for assistance when this happens. So, before the temperature begins to drop in December and you crank your thermostat up, take a few minutes to inspect your HVAC unit, change your air filters, and prepare your home for the long, cold winter months.

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A couple of simple techniques will get your Corsicana, TX, home’s heating system in top shape, so it can do its job to keep your home warm come winter. Besides helping to make sure that you do not end up in the middle of the cold season with a broken heater or furnace, these tips can also save you money on those expensive heating bills.

Look for leaks.

One of the first things that you can do is inspect your home’s windows and doorways for leaks where the air is moving. If you find these (and chances are you will), simply caulk or install some weather stripping to seal up the exposure. It may take some time to go to each window to perform this maintenance, but it is a great way to get familiar with the challenges that your heating system has to overcome to keep your home comfortable.

These tiny gaps around windows and doors may seem insignificant, and they likely are when viewed singly. But combine them, and you can watch your heat flowing straight out of your home — along with a couple of dollars from your wallet too. If the heat in your home is escaping through cracks around window frames and sills, or openings around your doorways, your heater has to work extra hard to maintain the thermostat’s temperature. Sealing these cracks will save unnecessary work on your HVAC unit, and unnecessary strain on your wallet.

Change the air filter.

Air filters trap particles of dust, debris, and germs, so they can get pretty nasty really quick. When you are spending a lot of time indoors this winter, be sure the air that you are breathing is as clean as it can be. Not only will you help combat allergies, but clogged air filters can put a strain on your home’s heating system. When the air filters get clogged, air cannot flow through the filter properly, making it harder to keep the temperature in your home regulated.

A clean air filter means that your heating unit can push warm air through your duct system quickly and effectively, and you can be sure the air you are breathing is clean. So, change your air filters regularly — ideally, once every 2-3 months, or more frequently if you have pets that shed heavily.

Finally, do the research on your home’s HVAC unit.

Take the make, model, and year number and perform a little background research into the unit. You will discover common problems and fixes, the average lifespan, and find replacement parts and tips to keep the machine running optimally. Get to know the heating unit that does so much to keep your family comfortable!

If you want to call a professional to give your home’s heating system a checkup, consider asking a local HVAC contractor to inspect your home’s duct system to see if it needs cleaning. This is a simple process that HVAC contractors are extremely familiar with, especially around the season changes. A seasoned HVAC contractor will be able to perform this routine maintenance easily and give you some extra tips on keeping your family warm and your heating system happy this winter.

Is Your HVAC Unit Ready For The Winter Season?

If you want to save money on energy bills and unforeseen HVAC breakdowns, turn to Area Wide Services today.

Our licensed Corsicana TX HVAC Specialists can schedule routine tune-ups and maintenance checks to diagnose and repair minor problems with your heating system before they grow into larger, more expensive issues and ensure that it is doing a good job of heating your home efficiently. We understand that a damaged or broken heating system can be the ultimate inconvenience during those freezing winter months. That’s why we offer around the clock services — so, if you have a problem with your HVAC unit at 3:00 in the morning, or even on holiday, emergency HVAC service can and will be provided.

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