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4 quick steps to dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning Corsicana, TX

It’s definitely something very few of us ever consider, but a clogged dryer vent can be very troublesome. Not only can it negatively effect the function of your dryer, but it can also cause fires—known quite literally as dryer fires. You certainly don’t want have to deal with the repercussions of something that is so easy to prevent. Thus, here are the basic steps to dryer vent cleaning:

Step 1: Unplug the dryer and locate the vents

dryer vent cleaningSafety first! Unplug the dryer to avoid any and all electrical issues. You’ll see the dryer hose attached to both the dryer and the wall. You will also need to locate the opposite end of the dryer hose. It should lead to an exterior part of your house, generally within an arm’s reach. This end of the hose will be covered by a vent.

Step 2: Pull out the dryer and unhinge the hose

Once you have unplugged the dryer and located each end of the hose, you can proceed to unhinge or unclamp the hose from the rear of the dryer. Move the dryer back a few feet to give yourself some workspace, as you may have to try a few different angles to effectively clean the hose. You can also detach the vent covering the outside part.

Step 3: Clean the vent hose all throughout

Now for the challenging, but worthy part. In order to clean the entire vent, you will want either a vacuum or a dryer vent cleaning brush kit. Obviously, the kit is perfect for the task at hand. It was created specifically for dryer vent cleaning. You should be able to find a kit rather easily at your local department store. It shouldn’t cost you much more than $20.

The difference between the kit and a vacuum is the reach. With the use of a dryer vent cleaning kit, you should be able to clean the entire hose from one side. Plus, most kits include a built-in drill to circulate the attached brushes. As a result, the hose is cleaned much more thoroughly.

However, a vacuum should do the trick as well. It might take a bit more time, but it will give your dryer vent a nice cleaning. Just be careful while cleaning not to puncture the hose. Be gentle with it to avoid leaks.

Step 4: Reattach and secure the hose

Once cleaned, retrace the first two steps by screwing the hose back into the rear of the dryer. Then, plug the dryer back in and you’re good to go!

Dryer vent cleaning is something you should try to do at least once a year. Ultimately, the more loads of laundry you do the quicker lint will build up within the hose. So, if you have a family of five, inspect the hose maybe once every six months to see if a cleaning is needed. A clean dryer vent will result in a better functioning dryer appliance and it will greatly reduce the risk of a dryer fire. Don’t be alarmed, as dryer fires are very unlikely. Though, they are known to happen on rare occasions.

If your dryer vent is overly dirty then you probably need a professional cleaning. Area Wide Services can help! Just give us a call at (903) 467-5620! We assist with everything you can think of regarding air conditioning and heating. Please visit our blog for additional helpful input.

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