5 Problems That Can Cause Your Air Conditioner to Malfunction

Air conditioning is one of the most important technological innovations in modern society. However, there are many ways in which your AC can malfunction, leading to costly repairs and/or discomforting situations. This article breaks down the 5 common causes of AC malfunctions, so you’ll be able to avoid any potential problems!

What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioner Malfunction

Air conditioning is a system inside your home or office that uses air to cool the air. It is important to have air conditioning in hot weather because it helps to keep you comfortable.

Most air conditioners work by circulating refrigerant through the coils in the unit. When the refrigerant gets warm, it starts to vaporize. The vaporization process turns liquid refrigerant into a gas, which then escapes from the unit through the condenser and evaporator coils.

The gas that escapes from the unit is cooled by the outside air and becomes liquid again. This liquid refrigerant is eventually recycled back into the unit, where it can start the cooling process again.

There are a few things that can cause your air conditioner to malfunction:

-A broken or clogged filter can stop your air conditioner from working properly. This can be due to dust, pollen, pet hair, etc. You will need to take your air conditioner out of service and have it cleaned in order for it to function properly again.

-A blockage in your ductwork can also stop your air conditioner from working properly. This can be caused by tree roots, insulation, etc. You will need to have an experienced technician come out and snake your ductwork to remove the blockage

-Your air conditioner’s compressor is going bad. This can be an expensive problem to fix. You will need to have an experienced contractor repair or replace your air conditioning unit.

How Does the AC Work?

The air conditioner (AC) in your car works a lot like the AC unit in a house. It uses refrigerant to cool the air and make it comfortable to breathe.

If the AC system in your car malfunctions, it can cause problems with your car’s cooling system and even your engine.

There are several common problems that can cause your AC to malfunction. These include:

-A blocked filter: This is the most common problem and happens when dirt, dust, or other small particles get into the AC unit’s filters. This can block the flow of refrigerant, causing the AC to stop working. You can clean these filters using a vacuum cleaner or by using a filter cleaner spray.

-A leaky seal: This problem happens when the AC unit’s seal fails. The refrigerant leaks out and causes the AC to stop working. You can fix this problem by replacing the seals or by repairing the AC unit itself.

-A clogged duct: This problem happens when hair, lint, or other debris gets caught in the ducts that carry fresh air into the AC unit. This can slow down the flow of air and cause it to stop working. To solve this problem, use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the ducts.

-A clogged filter: This problem happens when something gets caught in the AC’s filters. You can fix this problem by cleaning them or by replacing them.

-A broken fan: This problem happens when something breaks inside the AC fan. The fan stops turning and causes the AC to stop working. When you notice that this is happening, call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

How to Check for and Deal With Air Conditioning Problems

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. First, you’ll want to check to see if the problem is with the air conditioner itself or the system it’s connected to.

If the air conditioner itself is malfunctioning, you might be able to fix the issue by adjusting the temperature or humidity settings. If the problem is with the system it’s connected to, you’ll need to call a professional. Air Conditioning Repair Service can help you identify and repair any issues with your HVAC system. If you have central air conditioning, and your unit fails to work properly for long periods of time, you should have it replaced. Schedule a service call online with us to do so!

Central air conditioning systems will only last about eight or nine years on average. If your system is more than 10 years old, consider having it replaced. Depending on the type of system you have, this could be replacing a filter or as simple as installing a new system that’s similar to what was installed when the home was built.

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A/C Problems?

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, it is important to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent damage from occurring. Here are some of the most common issues that can cause your AC unit to malfunction:

Leaking HVAC units – One of the most common causes of air conditioning malfunctions is a leaking HVAC unit. If water builds up inside the AC unit and begins circulating through the coils, it will cause a loss of refrigerant and eventually lead to an error message on your AC’s display. In order to prevent this from happening, be sure to check for signs of water leakage regularly and repair or replace any damaged parts as soon as possible.

Dust accumulation – Another common issue that can lead to AC malfunctions is dust buildup on the units internal components. This can include condensation build-up on copper wires, blockages in filters or mufflers, or even clogged ductwork. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to clean all affected areas immediately in order to restore regular cooling functionality.

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