When was the last time you thought about getting your air conditioner checked? If you are like most other people, you probably don’t think about it unless you need it. But when you are dealing with the insane heat of summer and the AC breaks down, it will be the only thing on your mind.

To make sure if your air conditioner requires service, look out for these five signs.

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If you pay attention to these signs, you may have a chance of getting your AC fixed before it becomes an emergency. It’s better to get your air conditioner repaired in the fall or spring so that you could have a comfortable summer.

1.   Time

Time usually takes a toll on all things, which also includes your air conditioning system. Over the years, your AC goes through periods of intense use and then a total shutdown during winters. This could result in dirt being built up in the components that, over time, damage the machinery. It usually results in wear and tear because of its age.

Ideally, you should get it checked before the season starts, but if you notice that your AC demands repair every year or if it’s more than 10 to 15 years old, then it’s probably best if you get it replaced.

Buying a new and higher efficient air conditioner will surely make up for its cost in lower electricity bills and repairs in the long run. A new air conditioner comes with peace of mind that it won’t be breaking down anytime soon. With an older unit, you always have some stress since you never know if it’s going to last an entire season. You might have to go days without proper air conditioning during the hottest time of the year.

2.   Lukewarm air blowing from the AC

The primary purpose of an AC is to lower the temperature so that your home feels comfortable during the hottest time of the year. If you notice that the AC isn’t blowing out cold air or is blowing hot air, then it’s a big sign that your unit needs to be checked.

A few reasons why your unit isn’t blowing out cold air could be if its low on coolant or the compressor could have gone bad. Although these reasons are not enough to replace the unit, if our service expert finds any other issues that could complicate the system’s functionality in the future, it’s safer and easier to get a new unit installed.

Lukewarm air is one of the most significant warnings that your AC needs to be checked and is a common problem for older units. But don’t worry, our expert can help you select a suitable replacement depending on your needs.

3.   Knocking and Grinding sounds

If your air conditioning unit makes noise out of the ordinary, then it might mean that some parts inside might be broken or close to breaking down. If what you hear is a squealing sound, it is likely an issue with the AC belt, or the system might need some lubricating.

If you hear any kind of knocking sound, it’s probably because of the unit’s motor bearing being damaged or broken. If this is the case, we suggest you turn off the AC and call an expert. Your system might be near a breakdown, and you may end up burning out the engine.

If caught in time, the unit may need some repairing, but if it’s a breakdown, then replacing the entire AC unit with a more efficient one might be the way to go.

4.   Foul smell coming from the vents.

There is something soothing about the odor of a perfectly working air conditioner, but if the smell coming from your vents is musty or burnt, then you’ve probably got an AC issue. All air conditioning units feature intricate wiring, which can burn out over time. This could lead to a foul smell coming from the vents.

If the smell is moldy or musty, then you could also have mold growing within the airduct. If it’s a wiring issue, using the AC could further lead to the unit’s breakdown. Call an expert to get it checked as soon as possible.

5.   Higher electricity bills

Running the AC throughout the day during summers leads to higher e-bills. But if you notice that the bill is higher than usual, it could mean that your unit is losing its efficiency. Age usually brings wear and tear, which leads your unit to become less and less efficient over time.

It must work harder to reduce the temperature, especially if it’s an older unit. Older units are naturally less efficient than their modern competitors. Replacing it with a higher-efficiency unit could substantially decrease your e-bill and can end up paying for itself via savings.


Whatever it needs, a replacement or servicing, you need to watch out for these signs and if you find anything unsettling, call for an expert’s opinion today. Air conditioner replacement could be costly, but if your unit shows signs of extreme wear and tear, it’s probably time to get a new unit installed.

It would be best if you didn’t risk your comfort and health with a broken AC when you could have a brand-new unit installed, which works perfectly and helps you save money through lower e-bills and repairs.

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