The HVAC system in your Corsicana, Texas, home helps keep the temperature inside to a comfortable °F, whether it is blazing hot during the summer or freezing cold during the winter. However, when it comes to buying a heating and cooling system, the process can seem a little challenging as these systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

But does size even matter when it comes to heating and cooling your home? By all means, it does! After all, the size of your HVAC system can impact several crucial factors, inclusive of the costs of installation, monthly utility expenses, efficiency, and overall comfort.

HVAC maintenance

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The cost of installation

The installation cost of an HVAC system may not be a really big factor for you, more so if you are not looking to replace an outdated system or install a new one. Having said that, you must bear in mind that heating and cooling units — like any other equipment — are not designed to last forever.

If you keep up with preventative maintenance and timely repairs, you can expect your HVAC unit to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. When the time comes to replace your unit, you must understand the impact of the system’s size on your installation costs.

The size of an HVAC system impacts its price (the larger, the more expensive), which is why you may be tempted to go with a more compact unit. Although the initial investment cannot be left out of consideration, it should not be the only thing you look at as you decide on a new heating and cooling system.

Surely a larger unit will cost more at the time of installation, but you cannot expect a smaller unit to provide nearly the same level of heating and cooling. If you have a large, spacious home, installing a small unit can also give rise to issues with hot and cold spots, reduced efficiency, and soaring heating and cooling bills.

Monthly heating and cooling bills

The size of your heater or air conditioner also impacts your monthly utility expenses.

Got a unit that is too large for your home? It will cycle on and off more frequently, contributing to increased heating and cooling bills.

Got a unit that is too small for your home? It will have to run for more extended periods to get to your set thermostat temperature. A substantially smaller unit may not even reach that temperature, despite running continuously. This also results in heftier bills.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose your heating and cooling unit based on the square footage of the home and the needs of the household.

Overall comfort

When deciding to replace or install a new HVAC system for your Dallas-Fort Worth home, comfort is arguably the most critical consideration. After all, the purpose of your new heating and cooling system is to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home, even when seasons change. A unit that is not correctly sized will fail to keep a comfortable indoor temperature, even more so if you get one that is too small for the space.

In addition to being stuck in a space that is often too hot or too cold, you could also notice issues with moisture levels. Too much moisture could, in turn, make your living spaces feel muggy and unpleasant, as well as wreak havoc on your wood flooring, drywall, furniture, electronics, and other items you have in your home.


As you decide which heating and cooling system will work best in your home, efficiency is another critical thing to consider. The efficiency of an HVAC system refers to how well it can heat and cool the air and then move it through the ducts and vents to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Every HVAC unit comes with a SEER efficiency rating — as you would expect, the higher the ratings, the more efficient the unit. While units that have higher ratings also tend to cost more, you can save quite a bit of money over the life of your heating and cooling unit by paying those slightly higher upfront costs. However, even a system with very high-efficiency ratings will not operate efficiently if it is not properly sized for your home.

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