The summer season in Texas gets terribly warm, hot, and humid pretty quick. What to do when the weather gets that feisty? Well, what could be better to escape the intolerable Texas heat than buying an air conditioner?

Buying an air conditioner is as straightforward as anything could be. But when you are face-to-face with the same unit’s installation, it becomes a little complicated; sometimes a lot more complicated than it should be. The thing is, installing an air conditioner is actually pretty easy once you know what to do.

Different Cooling elements

Keep in mind that if you buy an air conditioner, there will possibly be a technician who will go to your home and install it for you. However, it is still best to know a few things about the installation process so that you can check if the installation is going well or not.

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  1. Before you even purchase your air conditioner, you will need to know the total area of your home that is to be cooled, and what size unit you will need to cool that area. You should also find an online air conditioner capacity calculator to determine what is necessary for a specific AC installation.
  2. Air conditioners are very hard to grip because their weight is uneven, and dropping the unit from a window could be catastrophic. So, for this step, you will need to recruit a helper.
  3. After you find a friend or family neighbor to help, you can begin the installation by installing mounting brackets provided by the manufacturer. Heavy, older units typically come with mounting brackets that help support the air conditioner unit using the window sill and outer wall as balancing points.
  4. Next, attach any extenders that come with your air conditioner. These extenders will fill the space between the unit and the edges to keep air from leaking out.
  5. You are now ready to open the window from the bottom pain and have your helper raise the air conditioner into position.
  6. Rest the air conditioner on the window sill and slide the extensions out to fill any gaps.
  7. Check the instructions provided with your air conditioner for what the correct placement is for your specific appliance. Most air conditioning units should tilt outward to drain any condensation that may accumulate on it.
  8. Finally, fasten the brackets and lower the window pain back to the top of your machine. Sometimes, it is wise to fasten the upper window pane in place to avoid movement of your air conditioner.
  9. To ensure efficiency, use weatherstripping or caulk to seal any gaps between the unit and the window frame.

These general installation guidelines are applicable to all installations. Air conditioners come with an installation guide that should be read thoroughly and can prove to be quite an asset. Once you have finished installing your cooling appliance, you are ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy your home again. Air conditioning can help you sleep better and enjoy your house more fully in the hot Texas summer.

The importance of the right installation

Correct AC installation is very important, as it has quite a bearing on the actual effect of the air conditioner. Incorrect installation can lead to high electricity bills and poor cooling air circulation (did you know that air conditioners that are improperly installed can reduce their efficiency by more than twenty percent?), as well as maintenance problems. So, if you do not know how to install the AC, you better leave it to the experts’ hands.

How to choose the right installer?

Look for installers that also supply air conditioners. There is a wide range of air conditioning units in the market. Unless you have done a bit of research and looked into the ideal unit for your home, you might find the choices overwhelming and probably confusing. An installer, as well as a supplier of air conditioners, will be able to advise you on the ideal unit for your home, whether it is a large bungalow or a small loft.

Ensure the installer has sufficient expertise and experience. Since every home will have a different layout, your air conditioning specialist should be able to tailor your cooling system accordingly. This kind of expertise will go towards keeping your air-conditioned home energy-efficient. You will want to go with a specialist that has been providing the air conditioning homes and businesses have relied on for many years. This type of longevity in the business indicates not just proficiency but also a trustworthy service.

Be cautious about air conditioning installers and suppliers that can instantly give quotes through email or over the phone, without getting the necessary details for the job. The thorough specialist will need to get a floor plan of your home, particularly when you are asking about the price for a ducted air conditioning system. Meanwhile, the cost of split type systems will generally vary according to the requirements for electrical wiring as well as the placement of the unit. Your air conditioning specialist should be able to explain how they arrive at their quotes as clearly as possible so that you do not end up being forced to pay extra.

Professional AC Installation In Corsicana, Texas

AC installation is not a job for a weekend handyman. Installing an air conditioner is a lot of work, along with needing to have some acquired skills working with ductwork, carpentry, copper pipes, and plumbing. At Area Wide Services, Inc., we offer affordable, fast, and reliable air conditioner installation services all across Corsicana, Texas. We can drive to your home as soon as you need our services.

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