What Is Geothermal Heating And Cooling?

What if we told you that there is a solution to warm your Corsicana home in winters and cool it in summers while cutting your utility bills by up to 80%? Yes, this is possible. Installing an efficient geothermal heating and cooling system is the technology that does it all. Area Wide Services, Inc. has you covered with an unmatched selection of geothermal heating and cooling solutions so you can save money while making your living space absolutely comfortable.

What Is A Geothermal Energy System?

The term geothermal comes from two Greek words: Geo and Therme, meaning Earth and Heat.

Geothermal heating and cooling AKA Geoexchange utilizes earth’s renewable energy present just beneath the surface to heat and cool buildings or to provide hot water.

Geothermal systems are a smarter invention to maintain the desired temperature in your space. These do not generate their own heat. The system is designed to collect heat from the earth and move it into your property. The fact that there is an exchange of heat inside your property with the cooler ground outside makes it the most efficient way of heating or cooling your space. It does not have to deal with high or low outside temperatures as with air source heat pumps. A geothermal system is carefully installed inside your property, i.e., in the garage, utility closet, or attic, with loop pipes buried underground.

How Does Geothermal Heating And Cooling Work?

Regardless of summers or winters, and no matter where you live, the temperature just a few feet below the surface remains much constant. Area Wide Services, Inc. geothermal products harness this stable underground temperature to provide you with highly-efficient heating and cooling systems for your home or office. Energy-savings too are more significant as compared to electricity or gas.

To reach the underground temperature, a geothermal heat pump is installed and connected with the underground loop pipes. Water mixed with antifreeze fluid is pumped through these tough and long-lasting loop pipes.

During summertime, the heat pump pulls the warm air from your building and sends it to the loop system underground. This then radiates the hot air away to the cool earth. Using a traditional duct system, the areas of the building are cooled to a comfortable temperature.

The process is reversed during winters. Heat is extracted from the ground. Later, the heat pump compresses this air to much higher temperatures and helps warm up your space. Utilizing the earth’s energy eliminates the need to burn fossil fuel to heat your room.

Talking of loops, Area Wide Services, Inc. deems horizontal loop design the most effective for property owners. It helps them make the most out of the geothermal system. However, this is best if there are no space restrictions. In case there is limited space, vertical loop pipes are inserted deep into the ground. A coiled system is the fastest and easiest choice in regions where a pond or lake may be available. If there is a well nearby providing sufficient water volumes, an open-loop system may be considered.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Geothermal Systems?

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems may be categorized to their:


Geothermal heating and cooling systems can be up to six times more efficient than electrical energy or natural gas. It makes use of 1/6th less electricity than any conventional method.

Reliability and Safety

As there are lesser moving components, maintenance efforts get halved. There are no elements installed outdoors, so the system experiences less wear and tear. You need not worry about any dirt or debris accumulating in those parts. The system remains safe and functions reliably. Moreover, geothermal systems last much longer and are very much user friendly.

Renewable Energy

Employing only natural resources reduces carbon monoxide poisoning and the chance of fires. It gives rise to less pollution and does not in any way affect the surrounding flora and fauna. Reduced emissions also help the system to contribute less to global warming. It utilizes almost 50% less energy than conventional systems, helping you save reasonably on overall energy consumption.

Convenience and Flexibility

This is an integrated system that works to provide utmost convenience. It reduces the cost of having to spend on two different units. These are huge performance-wise, and a single system is sufficient to heat even pools and other property facilities. The system is noiseless, consumes much less physical space indoors, and provides you with high-quality breathable air that also reduces ambient allergens. Both heating and cooling are evenly maintained, and dehumidification keeps the surroundings fresh and safe.


This renewable energy heating and cooling system doesn’t just heat your space; it also provides you with tons of hot water that can be used for washing hands, in the shower or the pool. Besides, the geothermal system may also be capable of producing radiant underfloor heating. It can further be used under driveways or walkways to melt snow and ice.

Financial Savings

Geothermal systems are significantly priced. But these initial costs may be recovered in the form of years of savings incurred upon minimal operational costs. There is minimal repair and maintenance needed. The geothermal arrangement significantly cuts down your energy costs compared to traditional electric heat pumps. These do not require expensive fossil fuels for the production of heat. It instead uses solar energy, making the system much efficient, convenient, and a cost-effective alternative to cater to your heating and cooling requirements. All in all, geothermal systems make a pocket-friendly system that can be used for commercial spaces as well as domestic households.

Area Wide Services, Inc. – Trusted HVAC Professionals In Texas

It is a revolutionary technology that encourages sustainable living while giving you a comfortable experience. If you want a heating and cooling system for your DFW home that is not only environmentally friendly but also significantly cuts down your utility bills and is also easy to maintain, consider investing in a geothermal heating and cooling system from Area Wide Services, Inc.

Our highly skilled and qualified technicians can perform successful, prompt, and efficient installation in almost every home, new or existing. If you are interested, call us today at (903) 467-5620 and determine how we can help you make a difference with this renewable heating and cooling solution. You can also leave your queries here. We are one of the most trusted HVAC professionals based out of Corsicana, Texas. If you are around, get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.


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