Even though the concept of harnessing free energy from the earth for use in heating and cooling was introduced more than four decades ago, it has been relatively slow in gaining recognition as a legitimate alternative energy technology. This may be, to a certain extent, because it is not fully understood yet. However, it appears that the deployment of geothermal heating technology is here to change that.

Geothermal heating technology is an effective and efficient way to produce energy that essentially makes use of the power of the earth. While different from traditional solar power, the use of geothermal heating technology is incredibly energy efficient and can help homeowners in Dallas and around the world save significantly on their utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint. No wonder why the wide and varied field of geothermal heating is one of the fastest-growing sectors of renewable energy resource development today.

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How Do Geothermal Heating Work?

The key to understanding how geothermal heating technology works is to understand that just a few feet beneath the ground we stand on, the temperature change is not nearly as drastic as the change in temperature above the ground. In other words, the underground temperature remains more stable and consistent than that of the above-ground air. The average ground temperature in Dallas, Texas, remains a little over 60° F throughout the year. Geothermal heating technology makes very good use of this stable environment to produce very efficient heating.

Boiled down to its most basic elements, geothermal heating technology involves a ground loop system or sometimes referred to as “closed loops,” set up about fifty to seventy-five feet underground. It is a system of tubes that are filled with liquids like antifreeze, water, or refrigerant. A geothermal heat pump pulls up heat from the ground and lets the fluid in the pipes absorb the heat. Once the heat is soaked up and the liquid goes up the pipes, it goes directly to a furnace unit. The heat is then circulated throughout the house through a series of standard air ducts.

Note: Because a geothermal heating system is a multi-part system, it is crucial to have only a qualified HVAC company in Corsicana specializing in geothermal heating and cooling install a system that meets your individual and space requirements.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating

Setting up a geothermal heating system does not mean you will not have to spend some money. This is an expense that will make you spend a big amount. You will have to install the ground loop system and heat pump, and this costs about $2,500. For a standard home in Corsicana, TX, it will cost around $4,000 for the entire system.

While installing a geothermal heating system tends to be more expensive than installing a conventional heat pump, there are certain advantages offered by geothermal heating that offset the cost and make this the best heating solution for your Corsicana home.

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of using a geothermal heating system is that you can achieve significant savings on your electricity bills and your bills for heating your home. Because most homeowners in Dallas usually keep their house temperature in a range of about 68° F in the winter, the average ground temperature in Dallas (60° F) only needs to be heated a small amount in order to achieve the desired temperature for air in the home. This means that significant energy is saved because the heating system does not need to make large temperature adjustments to heat. In fact, you can save anywhere from 30% up to 70% on your home’s heating costs. That can be nearly $700 a year on average!

A geothermal heating system can also preheat your water before it gets to the hot water tank. This can give you yet another source of money and energy savings since water heat pumps are a major contributor to raising the monthly utility bill.

Geothermal heating systems last roughly between 20 and 30 years. They are quite low in maintenance too. If you think about it, spending a few grand on something you will use for 20 to 30 years with 50 to 70% savings on electricity bills is a very reasonable trade-off.

Besides the energy savings you will get, the best thing about a geothermal heating system is that it is natural and renewable. You are not releasing any harmful chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, and you are not expending any energy at all. It is clean, safe, and there is a constant flow of it. Making use of geothermal heating systems is helpful for anyone living on earth.

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