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Top Corsicana TX Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

As homeowners, we tend to forget about certain occurrences throughout our homes because we can’t see them. For example, what is going on within your air ducts or your dryer vents? Chances are you haven’t checked on those in years. To ensure your home’s systems are fully-functioning, invest in dryer vent cleaning services once every year or two. You won’t regret it; here’s why:

Professional, close-up inspection

Let the experts at Area Wide Service Inc. take care of your dryer vents! They know exactly what to look for in regards to wiring, imperfections to the hose and the effects that a subpar connection could have on your dryer and/or your home. A general indication of a clogged dryer hose is a damp dryer run. If you run your dryer with a typical load of clothes and the clothes don’t fully dry, there is probably something wrong with the dryer vent or hose. At least, that is the problem nine times out of ten. It’s up to you to make the call whenever you experience irregularities with your dryer. Area Wide will take it from there. Years of gathered knowledge and experience have our professionals prepped to get to the root of your problem in a heartbeat. We know how to execute dryer vent cleaning services.

Advanced tools result in detailed cleaning

Dryer hoses are long. They run from your laundry room all the way out to the outside of your home. Some run to the side of your home, others run to the roof of your home. Therefore, specialized equipment is needed to reach and clean the entire hose. You can try to clean them on your own, but it will be difficult without the proper tools. Area Wide comes equipped with a specific brush that can extend to the length of any customary hose, and it can also be easily controlled by the user. The bristles to the brush rotate to loosen the debris that has collected over the years within the hose. The equipment is powerful, but gentle, to where the hose will not be damaged while undergoing the cleaning process. On a side note: The same tool is used for foil-type and metal hoses. If you haven’t upgraded to metal, it would be a good idea. Metal hoses withstand better and they rarely ever fall victim to dryer fires.

Don’t wait any longer for a thorough cleaning

Speaking of dryer fires, that is the worst possible outcome to a dirty dryer vent/hose. Though rare, dryer fires can come about via explosion and in certain regrettable instances even lead to death. The likelihood of a dryer fire is very small; however, you do not want to take any risks with your home or your family. All it takes is a phone call to a trustworthy company that offers dryer vent cleaning services in Corsicana, TX. Guess who qualifies? Area Wide Services Inc. Give us a call today at (903) 467-5620 to make sure your dryer vent is in good shape. One checkup/inspection/cleaning is all you need for the next few years. Please visit our blog for additional helpful HVAC input for your home.

Increase the life of your equipment

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