Top commercial refrigeration brands

Refrigerators are necessities, whether it’s for a home, restaurant, grocery store, or any other place where food needs to be cooled or frozen. Specifically, commercial refrigerators are especially key within the restaurant and grocery industries. Commercial refrigerators allow more space for higher volumes of food, plus, they provide more power than your traditional home refrigerator. With that being said, what are the best commercial refrigeration brands?

Turbo Air

Best commercial refrigeration brandsTurbo Air offers a very wide selection of refrigerators and freezers. Glass door, solid door, half door, roll-in…you name it and Turbo Air has it. A specialized aspect of the company’s refrigeration products is their ergonomic door handles. Waiters and waitresses are going in and out of kitchens constantly and cooks are scrambling to get each customer’s order done in time. Often times the occupants of a kitchen will only have one finger available to open a refrigerator door. The door handles for Turbo Air products can open will practically no effort, yet, they maintain insulation once they are closed. A feature such as this helps immensely with kitchen flow.


True refrigeration takes its technology to a whole new level. They use evaporator fan motors than can increase a refrigerator’s lifetime up to 20 years. Their evaporators are oversized (in a good way) to increase recovery time, preventing temperature drops and enabling food to last longer. Furthermore, True refrigerators use heavy-duty foam insulation, along with PVC-bonded shelving. Each component that goes into a True refrigerator is top-notch, separating the brand from its competition. More and more consumers are trusting True to keep their food safe and long-lasting.


The cool (no pun intended) aspect of Traulsen refrigeration is its cyclonic airflow technology. This specific technology creates a clockwise air flow within the unit to perfectly balance the temperatures all throughout. Thus, food remains fresher for longer and the balance of chill prevents bacteria from surfacing. Traulsen also uses a controlled temperature system located on the outside of the unit. Most major refrigeration brands have this capability, as it is important in keeping the inside contents cold, while also notifying workers of the inside temperature. Workers will then know whether or not the temperature needs to be adjusted.


Randell commercial refrigerators offer a plethora of standard and custom-built options. They are also all about energy efficiency, portrayed by their focus on CFC-free polyurethane. Their patented FX Series will maintain temperatures as precisely as any refrigerator you will find on the market.

These brands are in no particular order of preference. Each has worked their way to the top of the refrigeration industry and is used widely throughout the food industry. As previously mentioned, there is a definite demand for refrigeration. With that demand, there is great supply. Still, consumers will pick the top brands, most notably the four that we just covered.

There is a little insight on the top refrigeration brands. If your business needs help installing or repairing a commercial refrigerator, contact Area Wide Services Inc. Also, visit our blog for additional company and industry information.

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