Avoid your AC not working when summer hits

The heat of summer is rapidly approaching. Depending on when you are reading this, Corsicana, TX may already be experiencing triple-digit temperatures. One absolute for the summer months is a fully-functioning home air conditioning system. Here is some advice on how to avoid the colossal misstep of your home’s AC not working at the start of summer:

Replace your air filters

Replacing air filters is a simple and impactful task. Air filters collect dust and debris in order to prevent such particles from reaching a home’s living space. Assuming they are doing their job, air filters will eventually collect too much dust and debris. If that point is reached then there will be less space for cool air to seep through. Thus, your air conditioner will be forced to work harder, having to generate more air than it would with a clean air filter.

air conditioningPoint being, your air conditioning system will be more efficient with the help of clean air filters. You can purchase air filters for $2 or $3 each at your local department store. It’s recommended to replace them every six months if you want high performance from your AC unit.

Clean your outside unit

Do a quick skim through to ensure nothing is obstructing the fins of your outside AC unit. Often times, fins, or vents, will have dirt build-up or twigs stuck in between. This can result in your AC not working properly. You can carefully remove any obstructions, just be sure to do it while the unit is turned off. Afterwards, take a wet rag and clean the fins, along with the rest of the unit. A clean, obstruction-free outdoor unit will allow the A/C compressor to do its job.

Run your AC on a cooler day

Don’t wait to turn your air conditioner on until the first hot day of summer. Instead, test it out on a nice day. This way you’ll survive if the system is not working right. Just imagine turning it on when it’s 96° outside just to find out it doesn’t work. Suddenly you’ll be scrambling to get an air conditioning expert out to your home to fix the problem. Plus, there is a very good chance AC companies will be busy handling relative issues for other customers at that time.

Schedule a tune-up

In line with the above, it’s a great idea to schedule a tune-up with your trusted AC repair company. An expert will come to your home and inspect all integral parts of your AC unit, along with the overall air flow of your home. He/she will resolve any problems in the event that your AC is not working. Schedule a tune-up in the middle of the spring rather than taking a risk and waiting until summer.

Area Wide Services can execute an air conditioning tune-up. We can also fix or replace any part of you’re air conditioning system, if necessary. Contact Area Wide Services at (903) 467-5620, before it gets too hot! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful tips regarding HVAC systems.

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