Home Performance Testing

Home Performance

How to Boost Your Air Conditioning System’s Home Performance

Home Performance Testing

More than half of your total electricity bill is taken up by your home’s heating and cooling system, and that’s according to concrete data collected by the Department of Energy. Owning an air conditioning system is indeed a great convenience to your family’s health and comfort. But must these conveniences always come with a price? Not necessarily. You can actually be more cost-efficient even with the daily use of an air conditioning unit. Here’s how to improve your AC’s home performance to save energy cost.

Keep your external condenser unit clean and grime-free. Regularly checking and cleaning of grime that has accumulated around the condenser and the filter will dramatically improve your AC’s performance. Your unit would not have to work twice as hard if it’s well-maintained and kept clean.

Keep your thermostat increase to a reasonable minimum. A slight five- to eight degree increase goes a long way in saving much needed money and energy. This is where a programmable thermostat comes in very handy. You can program the desired temperature for various times of the day when you have to head out for a couple of hours.

Keep your thermostat a safe distance away from heat-emitting appliances. Sensing the heat, your unit will work harder and run longer than required and your energy cost will go way up.

Keep your home properly insulated. Curtains and blinds should be drawn during the warmest times of the day, to keep the sun’s heat from warming your home. As mentioned earlier, this heat will make your unit work extra hard and use up more energy than is necessary.

Aside from these very basic tips, Area Wide Services, Inc. also offers a complete line of home performance options. With a little help from our experts, you can benefit from our home and duct performance testing program. We offer:

  • Duct Sealing, Duct Insulation, and Duct Replacement
  • Blown-In Attic Insulation
  • Foam Attic Insulation
  • Air Infiltration Packages
  • Radiant Barrier

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