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Just a few feet beneath the ground we stand on, the planet’s temperature remains more stable and consistent than that of above-ground air. The average ground temperature in Dallas, Texas, is a little over 60° F throughout the year. Geothermal heating and cooling systems make very good use of this stable environment to produce very efficient heating and cooling. At Area Wide Services, Inc., all of our geothermal systems are Energy Star rated,

What is geothermal heating and cooling?

Geothermal heating is not a new concept. The technology to exploit this natural energy source has been around for over fifty years, and homeowners and businesses have been using geothermal heating and cooling for over two decades. Over the years, there have been many refinements and improvements made to the geothermal systems, making them very appealing to homeowners and businesses.

Geothermal heating and cooling is a method that utilizes the warmth underneath the surface of the earth to naturally and efficiently regulate a home’s temperature. Civilizations such as the ancient Greeks are prime examples of those who knew of and utilized natural geothermal areas and hot springs in centuries past. In fact, the term “geothermal” literally means “hot earth” according to its Greek origins. The ground below maintains a fairly constant temperature even during the changing seasons when the air temperature around us fluctuates.

During the winter season, heat from the ground is absorbed into the piping and fed directly to a geothermal furnace with the help of a large loop of underground piping containing a water-based solution. A pump installed in a home then circulates the absorbed heat around the space through a series of standard air ducts. During the summer, the process of geothermal technology is put in reverse. The heat is absorbed from the air within the home and fed to the network of pipes in the ground through the pump for another cycle during the cooling season. The only electricity required for the geothermal system to operate is for the ground pump, compressor and fan.

What are the Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

The geothermal system requires that a well be drilled, and it can have a higher initial cost than installing a conventional heating and cooling system. Once you begin to consider the advantages of geothermal, however, it will quickly become clear that geothermal may just be the best heating and cooling solution for your home.

It’s a green heating and cooling solution.

With so much emphasis on “going green” by advocates in society today, many homeowners are exploring alternative methods of cutting energy consumption and reducing their carbon imprint in the world around them. Aside from their everyday recycling and conservation efforts, there are a number of larger-scale changes a residence can make to achieve cleaner living with less detriment to the environment around them. One such measure that a homeowner might consider is geothermal heating and cooling. Using geothermal systems is one of the best things a homeowner can do to aid the environment as the use of geothermal heating and cooling systems lower greenhouse emissions as well as helps to conserve dwindling natural resources.

Reduced energy costs

It looks like the environment isn’t the only thing being saved by going green, so are big bucks. One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of using a geothermal system is that you can achieve significant savings on your electricity bills and your bills for heating and cooling your home. While utility bills for cooling costs may save 20% to 50%, the home’s occupants can save on heating bill costs anywhere from 30% up to 70%. That can be nearly $700 a year on average.

A geothermal system can also preheat your water before it gets to the hot water tank. This can give you yet another source of money and energy savings since water heat pumps are a major contributor to raising the monthly utility bill.

While the reduced energy costs are somewhat offset by the increased cost of installing a geothermal unit, this is true only for a few short years. Any additional savings on your energy costs in a few years down the line will be pure profit. Also, if you ever decide to list your home in the market, the geothermal system can help you sell your home quickly, while also raising your asking price!

Ease of maintenance

On top of the environmental benefits and utility bill savings, a homeowner will not have to expend nearly as much in maintenance and costs for repair or upkeep. Few guests or visitors even realize that a home’s temperature is regulated by geothermal elements due to the fact that the geothermal systems operate much more quietly than the standard furnace or air conditioner. Geothermal systems require much less maintenance and tend to be more reliable. Apparently, it pays to install a geothermal heating and cooling system.


If you want a heating and cooling solution that’s not only environmentally-friendly but also helps you save on your utility bills, you must consider geothermal systems from Area Wide Services, Inc. Our highly trained technicians will be able to perform your geothermal system installation in an efficient and timely manner.

Are you interested in a geothermal heating system in Dallas, Texas? Call the experts at Area Wide Services, Inc. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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