Uses of a Furnace

A furnace is basically used for producing heat. It is commonly used at home to give warmth when it’s cold in the winter season. The furnace, in large scale, is also used for industrial purposes like making steel, drinking glasses, making ceramics, and metal extraction.

The use of the furnace as the central heating device was first exhibited by the Romans. They called it a hypocaust which means under (hypo) and burnt (caust). In the past, the furnace was used in firing woods in the basement’s hollow corner to send heat and warmth to rooms and bathing area.

This idea of heating and producing hot air is still practiced today especially during cold-weather seasons. But modern furnaces are now assembled for easier use. It now resembles a metal box which can be big or small in size, depending on your needs and the allocated storage you have for it. Modern furnaces basically use stainless steel for a heat exchanger, an aluminized steel for constructing the burner, blower and frame, fiberglass for insulation, copper for electrical use, and brass for valves. These materials are what keep the modern furnace usable in any place.

The original version of the furnace was simply consisting of a burner, a control valve for gas, heat exchanger, and external thermostat. There was no blower used to circulate the air. Many homeowners found this system inefficient. Thanks to modern tech, new furnaces are now being sold in the market today that fit your needs and budget, be it for home or commercial use.

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