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5 Ways To Make Your HVAC Unit More Energy-Efficient

 Ways To Make Your HVAC Unit More Energy-Efficient

In the United States, home heating and cooling is responsible for approximately 20% of residential energy consumption. To lower your carbon footprint, there are several simple ways you can make your HVAC unit more efficient.

How can homeowners make their HVAC unit more energy-efficient?

HVAC Energy-Efficient

If a homeowner wants to decrease their energy consumption and help the environment, they should consider adding a new unit. Energy-efficient units use less electricity and cost less. Another way to reduce HVAC expenses is by replacing old units with new models that are more efficient. Homeowners can easily reduce the amount of energy their HVAC unit uses by making sure their windows are not left open during the winter, if possible, and switching to a programmable thermostat. By using these two methods, a homeowner can lower their energy consumption by up to 30%. The easiest way to make your HVAC unit more energy-efficient is to replace the filter on a regular basis. This can prevent the need for a filter, which will cut down on replacement costs. Another thing people can do to make their HVAC unit more energy-efficient is to turn off unnecessary appliances when they are not in use. Leaving those appliances on when they are not needed will waste power and money. Making sure that windows and doors are closed tightly is also important because it will help keep out hot or cold air.

Reduce your AC wattage

You can reduce your AC wattage by simply turning off the fan when you’re not in a room. This will help save energy, but it could also increase mold buildup and other problems if people aren’t using that room. When the heat is on, many people use their ceiling fans to cool off. But this only uses a fraction of an AC unit’s wattage. There are several ways in which you can reduce your AC wattage, such as turning off the AC when nobody is home or when the outside temperature is lower than normal. Another way to save energy and decrease your electricity bill is to set the thermostat cooler at night and warmer during the day. Lastly, you can also clean your filters regularly so that they don’t restrict airflow in your AC unit and increase your energy bill! If you have an air conditioner or heater in your home, it will use a lot of energy. Luckily, there are ways to make your HVAC unit more energy efficient! The first thing you should do is check the settings on your unit. You can decrease the temperature, reduce the humidity, and turn off the fan altogether. If your AC unit has a ‘sleep’ mode, you should set that to ‘on’ in order to save energy when not in use. The next step is to purchase window units that cool and heat simultaneously with no need for a separate thermostat. Lastly, you can choose an AC system that only uses electricity during peak hours by following a schedule similar to a standard time-sensitive plan.

Adjust the temperature of your cooling setting

Using the most energy efficient cooling setting can be a great way to save money. You can set your A/C unit to lower temperatures in the summer and increase them in the winter. The best part is that it will cost you less! HVAC units are used in a variety of ways. They can help you cool your home during the summer or heat it up during the winter. If you aren’t using your HVAC unit, try to keep it running at around 72 degrees Fahrenheit instead of turning it on and off constantly. Adjust the temperature of your cooling setting so that you only use it when necessary.

Increase the number of cooling stages

Some of the most common ways to increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit is by increasing the number of stages. This only requires two changes. The first change you can make is upgrading your compressor to a digital model that can use less energy, or an alternative system like solar power. The second change you can make is replacing older single-stage systems with dual-stage or even triple-stage systems.

Replace your HVAC filters

Most homeowners don’t realize that their HVAC unit needs to have filters. Without the filters, the air coming out of your unit can become musty and dusty, causing health problems for your family. A lot of homeowners forget about the filters and have to replace them later and then end up spending more money. To avoid this, ensure that your HVAC unit has a new filter every six months and you’re saving money on your utility bill. HVAC filters are an important part of your HVAC system that filters air and helps the air inside the home remain fresh. When you clean your filters, the unit will be able to keep the air in your home fresh, which prevents allergens from forming. Replacing your filters regularly is a way you can reduce energy costs and help the environment.

Consider geothermal options

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are one of the most efficient energy options that exist. They can be used instead of solar or conventional heat sources. However, a geothermal installation is not for everyone, especially if your home is attached to a concrete slab. If you want to make your home more energy-efficient without breaking the bank, then consider a geothermal system. There are many ways to make your HVAC unit more energy-efficient. You should consider geothermal options such as a heat pump or air conditioner, they are great investments that you’ll be glad you made now and in the future.

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