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Dryers have been one of the many culprits of fires in the country. It is when homeowners neglect to clean their duct, vent, and hose that is causing a blockage and heats up the unit, which then leads to fire ignition. Every year, thousands of Americans have been injured and died due to dryer fires, and it’s all started with a small neglect to properly maintain and clean the unit. With that said, always keep your duct and dryer vent clean to avoid this catastrophe from happening in your office or home.

Area Wide Services, Inc., offers professional and thorough cleaning of duct and dryer vents. Our highly trained technicians have the eyes to see faulty connections and damages in the units. They know how to properly and meticulously clean your dryer vent and hose tubes using advanced tools and cleaning agents.

Cleaning hoses, especially if they are longer than 10-inches is a bit more complicated to do. And worse, if the tubes have gone all the way to the attic, things can get really messy. Dryer hose tubes that go up to the attic and to the roof is a usual culprit why condensation happens in the dryer exhaust tube. This is a common situation where the tube is blocked by water (worse, dirty water) causing the dryer to work harder to dry clothes. And when the tubes can no longer hold too much water, it will break and split, and the water will be thrown on your ceiling.

To avoid these from happening, make sure to have your duct and dryer vent checked and cleaned by professional technicians. With this, you’ll have peace of mind that there will be no blasts, fires, and dirty water mess in your office or house anytime soon. What’s more is that you get the peace of mind that your loved are safe and sound dryer fires.

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