Preventative Maintenance

AC and Heater Preventative Maintenance Services

Air conditioners and heaters are designed to provide convenience and ideal air temperature inside a house. However, when they are broken or damaged, they can’t function properly, and worse, they are of no use. Give your family the quality life they deserve by always checking the condition of your heating and air conditioning systems. Learn these basic preventative maintenance guidelines to give your appliance longer service life and your family a peace of mind they deserve

Heating and Cooling System Maintenance 101

  bullet Make sure that the thermostat setting is set where you feel most convenient and comfortable.
  bullet Ensure that your thermostat is set at an energy level to save energy and cut cost on your electric bills. Or better yet, shut down the appliance when you are not using it.
  bullet Check the electrical systems if there are any faulty connections and damaged wires.
  bullet Always keep the air conditioning coils clean to boost its power in cooling your house. This will also cut down your monthly utility bills as the unit’s engine do not force itself to work harder to perform its function.
  bullet Clean your blower components to regulate the airflow and temperature in your house.
  bullet Make sure that gas connections and burner combustion don’t have broken circuits.
  bullet Look for any holes in the gas tank to avoid gas leakages, which can ignite a fire or blast, or contribute to respiratory problems.

To sum it all up, make sure that your cooling and heating systems are always clean and undamaged to ensure its efficiency and the safety of your family. It is best to have your units checked by professional HVAC repairmen to do an overall checkup and general cleaning. These people have the eyes to see any broken lines and damaged parts that can lead to much larger and costlier problems if deemed in disrepair.

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